Exclusive: Arnold Schwarzenegger on Golden Globe victory for Austria:

Arnold Schwarzenegger being interviewed by Barbara Gasser
Barbara Gasser and Arnold Schwarzenegger Foto: Mark Hunziker
Barbara Gasser and Arnold Schwarzenegger Foto: Mark Hunziker

In his first, exclusive reaction Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulates his fellow Austrians to their achievement at the 67th Golden Globe Awards. Schwarzenegger himself won a Golden Globe in 1977 for Best Male Acting Debut in the Motion Picture “Stay Hungry”. In 1995 he was nominated as Best Male Actor for his comedy “Junior”. Barbara Gasser met Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger earlier this week at Van Nuys Middle School where the Governor, First Lady Maria Shriver and three of their children were painting the school. On this occasion he shared the following thoughts with our correspondent:

“I am very proud that my countrymen from Austria won again the Golden Globe. I am proud to see that Austrians are coming on strong in the film business! I also thought the acceptance speech of Christoph Waltz was humble. I could not help laughing to myself because I was not the only Austrian on stage at the Golden Globe Show talking with a distinctive German accent. I wish my Austrian fellows good luck for the rest of the Award season!”

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